Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome 2009!!!!

wow..its been almost a month since i've put up a post, its lunch hour now in office..i've been under training since the 2nd of December the task is to sort out customer list. Omigod..i can,t wait to go out there on the field..boring gila duk opis ni sebulan (anytime now my boss will pop in).

Jadi, saat yang ditunggu2 sudah tiba..2009 resolutions!! kalau bab buat resolutions ni aku memang positive..ehh tapi ade yang jadi jugak tau, daripada takde resolutions langsung kan?..but before we go to the 2009 resolutions. Kena la review 2008 resolutions..achieve KPI ke? hehe..actually year 2008 has teach me so many things that i should know long ago and chew it & implement it, a lot of sad things many happy things as well. If any i have learnt is:-

1. Put myself first in ANY situation. (sukati la orang nak cakap aku selfish ke? i really don't

2. Since time waits for no man, I'm implementing the same rules all along my life after this..
meaning sape yang terhegeh2 tu...GOODBYE!!

3. Be happy to be with myself & my dearest family...that the precious gem GOD have ever send

Thats the main ones la yek, yang tak priority tu takyah la nak eloborate kat sini. Now, my 2009 resolutions...

1. Work - Achieve all the target set..and bring back a hell lot of incentives :-) (btw, i love my new
company n its very the new challenging task)

2. Personal - LOSE WEIGHT AND MAINTANED IT!!!! (This year is gonna be the end of my
yo-yo weight)..i'm going for a gym signup this evening :-)

- GET MY DREAM CAR :-) (dah dapat nanti i'll post the pic right here..ngan my
new solid body sekali...muahahaha).

- CYCLING IS A MUST EVERY WEEKEND (my road bike is gonna reput at home
(dah..mahal tau aku beli..hey..)



Basically, 2009 is gonna mark the "me" year of myself....kuang kuang kuang (mintak laluan ye..)

Mana pegi boss aku ni..tak masuk2 lagi, aku kena g cari la ni..ok guys...ALL THE SUCCESS for your new year resolutions!!!