Monday, March 9, 2009

"I'm a Sales Manager..please respect me!!"

Alkisahnya begini..we need to sort out customer list with other team last wednesday, so i sit in the meeting room with my manager, and my teammate...the purpose of this meeting is to sort out the customer

1. We won't call on the same customers.
2. To know from the other team (since we're in a special task in hands) which customers that
they couldn't call on (the ones they feel like less potential to call on, we'll take it on hands
and the whole purpose is to develop untapped customer potential for COMPANY growth.

Few things pop up, like the customer we visited..complaint that no one from our company is servicing them although they're using a substantial amount of the company products. On the other hand the other team defend themselves saying that "customers are always like that"

Ok la..tu diorang punya pasal la..then the discussion leads to customer that the other team should pass on to us, when my manager are around the other team sales manager act very professional...siap asking for advise from my manager..then the other team decide to pass on to my team some of their customer.

Nak dijadikan cerita, my manager have to leave the meeting for another meeting..he ask me to continue with the customer list he has in we go through the customer one by one.
Sampai kat one customer..that previously when my manager is around they have agreed to pass it on to us..the sales manager said "that's our customer" (w'pun in actual never visited the customer)..then aku confuse la..aku reply "oh, actually i've written down this particular customer..the one that you want to pass on to us just a few minutes ago".....then she reply "oh. no thats our customer"..then aku cakap "ok, i'll follow up with my manager on this..aku pun jot down la kat excel file tu (yes/no f.up)..then minah tu tak puas hati..and said "can u just put yes on the column?"..then aku repeat again.."i will still f.up with my manager"...i mean regardless of whether i put there yes je or no je or yes/no pun kan ke ada f.up kat belakang tu..tak paham ke minah ni?...that's when she come up with this statement "I'm a sales manager here...please respect me!!"..

Tetiba la pulak minah manager ni emosi, tak tentu pasal..aku reply macam tu je..dia nyer reply bukan main lagi...excuse me, nak je aku cakap kat minah manager tu, "u have to earn one, instead of asking for one"....nanti gaduh besar i reserve my comments laa..

Minah ni seriously tak sedar diri, dah la sales team dia reap of my hard work of securing RM30K of sales..bila ku dah secure sales tu..baru nak terhegeh2 pegi jumpa customer..kalau tak batang hidung pun tak nampak!...pastu ade hati nak suruh aku respect dia..Aduh, wake up la minah...are u daydreaming???????????

P/s: tapi aku percaya, doa orang yang teraniaya..akan dimakbulkan...wait for my time to come je la..:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A sense of belonging....

Have u ever felt the sense of belonging to anyone? be it your family, parents, sister, brother..or even it a dear ones or just the normal ones?...have u ever felt special about it? or rasa macam biasa je..ya la u have ur family all along..ur parents are always there for you..ur mum always make sure food will be served on the table for you.

Do you have the slightest idea about someone who doesn't have anyone they belong to?
Recently..i came across this situation with a good friend of mine, whom has a non-blood sister..which she lived with all this while..up until last week. The sister basically kick her out of the place without any particular reason to do so, actually she's been living in a very demotivated environment...the sister always pick on her and tell her something like "u ni bodoh la..why can't you be like this or this instead of what you're"...and many more demotivated statements that you can't imagine....Now she's starting from scratch finding her own place..and move on with her life
(I'm very proud of her ..she has the patients that i don't think i could uphold its limit)

Since this happen, i appreciated those who are around me very much...previously i used to nag why this and that happen to me..but i think that's a part and parcel of life (there's always will be up and down...satisfaction and dissatisfaction revolves everyday)

However, at the end of the day..i've got a family to come back to, a friends shoulder to cry onto..sisters and brothers to help each other...Alhamdulillah :)