Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How should u treat them?

Imagine a situation where you wanted so badly to have a serious conversation with someone (can be, dad, friends, etc).

The very conversation means a lot to you..(whatever topic it might be)..

However after several attempts, u've been put down with statements which might sounds like :

" Its giving me a headache la, maybe we can discuss it later " and

"Why not you tell me that earlier? it's just not a good topic to have over the phone, can we talk about it later?"

and statements-statements yang sewaktu dengannya...

And to make the matter slightly bitter..its seems to be forgotten intentionally !! and they expect you to carry on having days with them, and treating them like nothing happens..

1. Do you feel brushed aside?

2. Picked up not only to make you feel worst over time, but to make them feel happy at all

If you have been in the situation above, or can feel how to be in the situation above,
How would you treat them?

Ignore them? Still treat them nicely? or...?

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri...

As i've not been blogging for quite sometime now, just wish to dedicate "Selamat hari raya aidilfitri" to all the muslims and "maaf zahir batin" to all my dear friends..mana la tau kan ade terkasar bahasa ke :)...

My whole family when down to taiping for raya holiday..since we don't really have a kampung anymore. Taiping town jammed up all the way down to kamunting..where we're checking in..All in all glad that i could again celebrate raya in the company of beloved family.

Till then..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Afraid ??

Is sacrificing ur true feelings because you don't have the heart to break one's feeling is LOVE?
if that's the case, following ur true hearts feelings, would not be called LOVE?
since some sayings goes like "love is all about sacrifice", to which extend does the sacrifice applies?

Is feeling afraid of losing someone to be there for you is LOVE?
then, NOT afraid of losing them, would not be called LOVE?

Is it more worthwhile to love someone whom LOVE's u more, than someone who loves u equally as u do love them?

I believe LOVE is a feeling, that u can feel inside u towards matter how hard denying the very fact of the feeling that u felt inside..perhaps afraid what will be unfolded later in life is why u try hard denying it, perhaps afraid that ur very decision will bring misery rather than joy u sought after.

The very thing i'm sure now is, making decision is what i'm afraid of..though quite certain of
the feelings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Streamyx dan kekurangannya...

Ampunkan la streamyx dan seluruh keluarga yang bernaung dibawahnya, aku mmg malas sebenarnya nak deal dgn streamyx bcuz of past experience with TM's technical contractor that comes with the very least so called "manners". However since the "toyol under the bed?" issue has come up, its time for my family to fix an alarm system for our house. To fix the alarm system, it requires a fix-home line. So without much choice in hand..i opt again for TM home line..though i've had bad experience dealing with their employees.

As expected, 3 days down the line the same person came over to the house to fix the home line..but he's lucky i'm not at home and only my maid is. Sempat lagi mamat lembut tu nak sound maid aku "Hey rumah ni sekejap nak pakai line of sekejap taknak.." kepala hotak mamat tu senget ke ape? aku ni customer dia..selamba bapak dia je nak sound maid aku camtu...and i'm very sure mamat ni have cause a lot of residentials around my home the same problems too, since i've had the similar feedback from my neighbour.

Ok la tu aku dh tak kisah la, since i'm using the home line now & streamyx ade combo package so..sekali bayar je la. So i'm planning on terminating my maxis broadband. Mamat yang deal ngan aku kat TMpoint tu ckp "lepas diorang fix home line they'll come n install the streamyx". Till today...lepas dah 5 hari line rumah call from streamyx to update me on anything!!

To make matter worst..aku pun call la TM customer service. Mamat tu pulak kasi tau aku
"oh miss, there's problem with copper cable around ur housing area, someone stole it thus we're having a problem right now", soalannya:

1. Is that my problem? pegi la fix the bloody copper or watsoever it is (aku ni tukang bayar
and pakai je?)

2. Can't they the least ring up their customer and tell them about the problems? (Nak tunggu
customer call n ask ke? pastu ntah ape2 jawapan la dia bagi)

Pastu mamat customer service tu boleh suruh aku pegi balik TMpoint and ask what's the problem.."i can only assist you from the phone miss, the rest u have to go to TMpoint"
ape benda yang dia assistnya ni? STREAMYXXX mmg nak kena laser la kalau aku turun TMpoint esok...