Thursday, February 17, 2011

weehuu....i'm smiling from ear to ear!!

                                          Because i just bought myself TWO (2) 
                                                   new DRESS!!!


                   Sukanya hati saya ni..ade taman2 penuh dgn dress :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To all girls, ladies & women out there...

Reviewing what has been on the newspaper daily, we will never fail to see women becoming a victim in situations like being whacked by the husband the point of many numbers of broken bones are reported, lying helplessly on the hospital bed..with eyes so brutally bruised black in color. 

Another scenario was, a university student who falls in love with a 40 yrs old man with 2 wives, knowing the situation she was in..despite it all sacrificing all her feelings, money, dignity..just to have this man's love.

Did we notice what is the meaning of  "LOVE" ?? for obvious reasons i know love should make a person happy..never less, love should empower a person to be the best person they could never imagine they could be..when we fail to know the meaning of love...we go through all the hardship & emotional torture to only break us apart one day..whether we'll end up in the hospital bed, or being used by a married man..does all this happening make sense in the meaning of  LOVE?

Women has been given something special from GOD to be a  very loving person, so they can shower their love to their own family, to people around them more than men. That is why sometimes women go ALL OUT in their pursue of LOVE when they found a MEN, regardless of the status whether he's poor or rich..educated or uneducated..handsome or beasty look alike. In this pursue, we often forget that we have not LOVE ourself enough to just be merely accepting the men that we stumble into.

This is my love reminder to all the girls, ladies and women out there including me...Please, please..learn & equip yourself on How can u love yourself first? Set your standard right..that's the key that can take you far away from all the discrimination of the men's world.

Today's Agenda...

I recently has a conflict with doing something truly important to me, deep down i find hesitation in doing it, after lots of reading & "googling". I find something interesting to do in overcoming this problem of mine. Which is:

Asking Yourself Questions...

even though this sounds lil bit kiddish to me but i believe it'll work..i started asking myself questions like below:

1. Why do i need to do this?
2. Why am i afraid / hesitate everytime i want to do this?
3. How do i make myself brave in doing this?
4. What are the consequences i shall face in the future if i
     didn't do this now?
5. What will the impact be towards me & towards all the  
     people i love (e.g: my parents, my siblings, my dear 
     friends, my boyfriend) all around me?
6. What can i do to make this a MUST and An Enjoyable thing
     that i look forward to do it from now onwards?

i have all the answers for all these questions towards the thing that i hesitated to do all this while, and tonight i'm going to link it with my deepest emotion and replay it in my mind and make it exactly the reality like i want it to be tomorrow!!...

can't wait for the outcome "BOOOMMMMM"

p/s: keep asking urself the right question, u ask and u shall receive..remember "RIGHT" questions ;)