Friday, October 31, 2008

miserable gut feelings...argghhh

Have u ever had such feelings? when it attacks, it seem like u can't do anything at all..and at last u'll just cry (the men will say "itula pompuan..takde keje lain, sikit2 nak nangis") but i don't bloody care what they want to say, as long as its something that will comfort my miserable feelings. Have you been in a situation, whereby u're being snapped at over a question that deserve an answer? (Maybe the answer sound a lil' bit like this "its just that it tick me off u know") i happens few days back, but i manage to calm myself down, however after a few days, the questions keep haunting me back, so i have to ask again..and this time around..guess what the answer is " you can go ahead and check".

Okay..if i'm a kindergarden kids maybe u can do so, Firstly..when u ask a question, u expect an answer rightaway..Secondly if i want to check it myself, i wouldn't ask, would i?. So which part of the sentence that this fellar didn't understand. If u can't understand such a simple sentence, tell me again so i can repeat it again, and don't come up with stupid answer...or Thirdly, if its so happen that you don't have the answer...Don't Lie!!!!

I just couldn't believe it myself dat my second article here would be as quick..*wink*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

- Love Celebration -

Actually this is my first attempt in blogging, mula2 dulu masa suma orang sibuk ber"blogging" ni, i'm not as interested to be part of it...but as time goes by and bila baca all my fren's blog, macam seronok la i'm here to give it a watch me! (i wanna see it for myself too how long will i remain blogging or its just a "touch n' go" thing u know) this is all for my friends out there..

Last weekend, Iwan's wedding took place in alor setaq, kedah...iwan tu adik kong a.k.a zairin shah zahoviq (hahaha)..mak kong ajak ikut rombongan to kedah, so since its a long weekend and deepavali falls on monday plus semua perbelanjaaan perjalanan ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh sponsorship zairin shah..tima kasih la banyak2..(susah nak cari kawan cam kong ni..nyek nyek).

Friday night, the akad nikah ceremony took place in the nearby mosque..disebabkan i have such a "b'tuah" fren, zairin zahoviq..tak bagitau la pulak..selamat aku bawak selendang, kalau tak duk kat luar masjid je la jawabnya...the akad nikah went very smoothly wif just one lafaz, berpeluh
iwan..i think wani is the bride's name..sorry la kalau silap..and wani is smiling meaningfully. Selamat dah adik zairin shah..zairin shah menyusul next year..ahahaha..

After the bersanding the next day we went up to penang, spend one night in batu feringghi, before dat g makan char kuey teow dulu..then zzzzz...on sunday we had nasi kandar feast hehehe..dah sampai penang kena la pekena dulu..on the way back to k.l, kitorang singgah jap kat ipoh, medan selera dato' tawil..popia dia mantap beb..

a very enjoyable trip minus the ass cramp...Now, sebelum kita melabuhkan tabir, aku nak dedicate one song to "iwan & wani"....

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