Thursday, October 22, 2009 i come!!!

ish ish ish...macam batak la plak aku ni (ampunkan saya ye? almaklumlah..1st time nak g paris, hehe), like i said earlier its not in the plan..but anyway, i've made up my mind not for europe trip, but just meeting them down at paris and london for 6 days n back to kl.

Nak join ke kong..ehehehe, bwk azila skali! :)

kena keja keras lepas ni beb!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Europe trip...:(

Owh..this is not in my plan at all for this year, tapi nak dijadikan cerita..i met with my old-school friend gang masa open house raya dia last2 week. I know that they're planning for europe trip. She, her husband, and supposedly another two friends.

Everything went well, before the travel agency they are hoping for giving a slow feedback and one of the friends now..back off with his own plans. So they're left with three...and my friends started asking whether i wanna join them for the trip.

Since i don't have that in mind at all. I just tell her that "aku takde budget la beb"...but after that things change, they're all persuading me to go..siap nak bagi loan lagi (sorry to say, tapi bab2 loan dgn orang ni, mmg aku jenis payah sikit) unless la pama nyer loan kan? nyek nyek..

So i'm in the midst of should i? or shouldn't i?