Thursday, April 16, 2009


Its time to open my chin stitch, appoinment at 10am..reach around 15 past 10. Dr Jalil's clinic is so packed!!...omigod, kul berapa la my turn ni...:( ...waited till 11.30, finished 3 magazines. Tak tahan dah sitting for long, went for b'fast dulu with my mom. (Ishh..dah la kaki sakit ni, patient lak ramai).

Actually, while i was reading magazines..i have a quick look around of the patient pool here. Since its a cosmetic surgeon's clinic, no surprise most them are woman..young and old. Most of these woman i think classic case of f.up lah...but out of them all, stands two indonesian women..from the way they look...i can tell at once. She flash a very sweet smile to me...n i smile back to her. One thing i noticed bout this lady, she has a small, tilted nose...not usually common among indonesians in malaysia...i'm talking bout the normal class ones here.

So i guessed she did a nose job there (i think now common kan all these jobs2 ni semua), and she was holding her stomach every now n then...tummy tuck la tu. I have to collect my medication at the pharmacy after i got another week of mc (my knees are still struggling to bend :( ).

All these while i thought, ladies who came for all these procedures must have got a lot of money, and they don't have to work as hard to earn believes goes down the drain when i saw the same lady at the pharmacy, with her husband..who was holding a motorcycle helmet (the normal ones mind you)..waiting to pay for her medication or treatment watsoever!!!! i believe woman who HAVE money regardless of much or not, can spend their money in the most absurd way that u could possibly imagine. Pompuan, pompuan...(geleng kepala!!!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Officially a cyclist? ye ke?

Thursday night cycling session in putrajaya, last week with PCC. I'm all set this time around, nak balas dendam la konon..coz last two session i was left behind sebab kena wait for my frens..n the one b4 this one i'm caught up with bad runnning this time around, i don't want anything to stop me from being left behind...dah siap pump my roadie tyre at home.

I reach putrajaya 15 past 8pm, good timing..:), take out my bike..n my front tyre, (aduhh..pasal takde angin plak ni? flat habis tayar aku...)..then dengan sedihnya..jamie arrived..told her "eh..can't make it la tube punctured"..jamie reply "alaa..dun worry i've got extra tube..just get some guys to help u fix it"...thank god, few guys managed to help me fix the tube though..almost 10 past 8.30 though..then vong asked "u come alone tonite"..i said "yeah.."..he must be thinking to himself, aduh minah ni nyer tyre nak puntured time ni la..haha..sorry vong.

Then we are all set to go...Don join this time around with his mountain bike!!...about 15 mins riding through..i'm the 2nd person behind Don at the leading front..tiba2..i noticed my tyre is almost hitting Don's tyre..i tried badly to avoid it..tak sempat or panic to drop the gear..BANG!!!!
I hit Don's bike..a girl from behind hit me from the back...i fall on my left hips

Omigod..i feel i dying? body shivers all over, and i'm groaning over pain that i just don't know where it came from..saw blood coming down all over my shirts..Don tried to calm me down..and few other asking him to take me off the road.

After 10-15mis or so i think..i'm already on the grass along the road side...Vong is gone to take his car, only i noticed that my teeth is chipped!!! middle teeth pulak tu...omigod..and the blood that was all over my shirt came from a big open wound under my chin. Ya allah..this is the last thing that i had in mind when i actually started cycling. further notice, a big open wound at my left arm..n my right knee. Don put a tissue on my chin..and all i could care about at that time chipped teeth!!..then hsing ling and don assured me the dentist can fix a cosmetic teeth touch-up in no time..relieved skit dengar, in a matter of time, Vong arrived pick me and my bike..lucky my bike is in its tip top condition...tuan dia je yang koyak.

1)my chin after the stitch
3)bruised knee....sakit!!
2)bruised left arms..pedih ya ampun!!

Now..i'm officially a cyclist (as vong said :) ) and also officially on mc for 1 week...hehehe, w'pun kaki ni tempang skit..tapi alhamdullilah my injuries not as bad la. Consider lucky la tu...

P/S: I've to hang up my bike for a min of 3 weeks the least now, my chipped teeth dah my sweet smile back...i'l be riding back as soon as i'm good to go!!! (tak serik2 budak ni)