Saturday, February 28, 2009

March is around the corner...cepatnyaa :)

As far as my job is concern, i believe i'm in good hands now...walaupun driving all over GP's in KL is killing my legs by noon...ingatkan nak tukar je gearbox gen 2 tu, tapi melampaunyerr i've to opt for a new automatic car instead...i love driving manual (the experience is very much difference..tapi if it takes driving in KL yang everyday the traffic jam is sickening...its time to say goodbye to manual driving :( >

The sales is not looking good for new business ventures that our boss is venturing into now..even though "big sweep" (that's what we're being known all over the company)..even to the international level (aduhhh...mati la aku if i din meet the expected sales target...which is 1 million)..apart from that pulak all the med reps..sedikit sebanyak felt threathen (i just don't understand why they should kalau diorg paham what's the initiatives is all about..maksudnya diorang tak paham la tu..hahaha)

Nevertheless...positive, what i desperately need to put in my conscious and unconscious mind to make sure i'l make it to the end with pinternationally recognized initiatives...

ahhh...w'pun penat mendriving sana sini about 8 hrs a mission of losing weight is still on track..lucky me to have anim as gym buddies..:)

i've also join PCC for a ride in putrajaya...waaa fun n ecxiting gilaaa..35km ride beb..i'm proud of myself..ramai kaki roadies kata PCC banyak angin n takut nak join..aku join je la sebab takde geng...but they're very supportive..especially Vong..that teach me how to use the gear correctly..and help pushing my back when climbing the hilss..(naik patah lutut aku ni)...thanks everyone from PCC for putrajaya rides..only this thursday takleh ride sebab hujan...sedihnyaaa

Vong (jelir lidah tu), hsing ling next to him and
kevin opposite her.

Getting back to the weekend i n anim hit the FF in klcc..and by 7pm..the trainer said they're closing we head to the changing room...mandi2..and when we're blow drying our hair..dengar macam bunyi they're pulling down the door grill..and anim said "Don't tell me they're closing it down"..aku dengan confidentnya reply "takkanla diorang kunci kita kitorang pun teruskan la aktiviti in the changing room sesuka hatinya...only to come out and find that all the light are swithed off...and grill door is down and locked!!!
Bodoh betul la..bukan nak check dulu ade orang ke tak..main blah je..aku pun call la the nearest FF to get them to call the FF KLCC staff to get us out ASAP....selamat aku ngan anim..kalau either one of us was there alone? aku sue FF KLCC staff yang bangang tue...

we're locked inside here FF KLCC...pathetic!!

I've to get back sorting out my customer list for weeks ahead...bye people!! :)