Monday, June 15, 2009


Driving to office this morning, tet tet msg sounds, i check

my boss : hi, i'm on mc today..have u made up your mind?

me : hi, yes..i'm sending in my letters today.

after 10 minutes....

my boss : ok then, pls hand over everything to *tut* today, i also like to wish you
all the best & take care. Thank you.

me : Thank you.

This is one of a kind of a resignation when ur boss doesn't have the balls to face you anymore..mamat ni ingat aku nak sembah kaki dia la..ape dia ingat dia drp kerajaan langit ke ha?
I'm still having one last week of work here...dah suruh hantar everything, si *tut* said "its okay, u'll still be working till friday right? , so u could just hand over everything on friday"...and i still have my claims to submit la mat...dia ingat tu company bapak dia kut...macam la dia yang bayar gaji gua..takyah la nak wish2 yang fake2 wish tu semua...nampak sgt la formality.

Anyway...i'm such a happy soul at the moment :), enjoy while it last pae....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another "stressfull" episode...

This morning, evaluation confirmation review...i knew by heart that my boss from hell will pick all little points to shoot me down and make my appraisal looks bad (but what difference does it make anyway..confirmation is extended since we din achieved his "ridicoulous" number) after few sets of question he ask n aswer from me, he's obviously not satisfied...he bla bla bla bla...and still have the guts to ask me " What do u have to say?" after he'd make it very clear that i always answer him back la..(dah ko tanya aku jawab la..aduhh)..then i'll just answer "i have no comments"

Then he continue lagi...saying that he have heard bad remarks about me prior to hiring me last year..but giving benefit of the doubt that people could change..he carry on & hired me instead..what on earth is that excuse...If u would've know that i'm such a bad ass la konon2 from the very 1st place...takyah la hire..i've got another job offer back then as well!!! Kepala hotak dia berjambul

Then dia sambung lagi..nak put me under PIP (Perfomance Improvement Plan)...hei mamat ni, tak sedar diri betul..all his ground work all along before his stupid pilot project started kitorang yang buat, he should put himself under PIP...the project is a failure from the very direction...just shoot the bullets everywhere and see if we got lucky...boleh tak? 17 years of bullshitting experience he's got to come up with a plan....aduh kesiannya.

Then he ask.."Do you badly need this job?"...ape punya boss yang tanya soalan bodoh macam ni?
i replied "i'll let u know on monday!"...ha kau..taken aback pulak with my answer...pastu konon2 nak make himself look good..dia cakap la "i hope u have no ill feelings towards me"....

Kerana mulut badan binasa...dia tak pernah dengar aku rasa pepatah tu, takpe la..aku pun dah naik menyampah tengok muka mamat ni...come monday i'll officially tender my resignation!!
Hilang stress aku tengok muka dia, hilang pening aku pikir sales tak hit2 sebab plan bodoh dia tu...

p/s: i've got plan A, B & C to backup this resignation...:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Got Patience anyone?

If ever i learned about myself all along these years is, i have very little so-called "patience" in me. Seriously if i were to learn and look back at things that has been done and can't be times i do regret, but at times it helped too. When i get things easy in front of my eyes without even really have to work that hard for it...i started thinking i want more challenge, and maybe earn more than this..when what i should be thinking at first is:

To be grateful to God for what he has given me

Instead of thinking i want a more challenging jobs, the current job bore to the core and keep finding patty things to nag about, at the end of the day i learn that a challenging job is what i make of it..its really up to me, how i craft it to be challenging and meaningful job on daily basis. When i realized that what i was searching for in a job actually was in me for as long as i've step my two feet into the working world.

And for as long, i've been focusing on a wrong set of wonder the more thirstier i get to reaching my wrong set of goal..the more it drains me out, day by day

Now i realize, that if ever things come easy..i still have a lot to learn on -how it comes easy?, what has been done previously to makes it comes easy as it is today? how do i sustain the things as it is now? how do i make it better? whom do i have to connect myself with in order to sustain and improve things as it is now?

Furthermore, i've learned that when things comes will push ur motivation down, it will get u stressed up, when u're so used of getting things easy as it is..and worst don't appreciate it. And that's when i realised I MADE THAT JOB..not THE JOB MADE ME.

One more thing, be carefull of what u wish for...IT REALLY COMES TRUE, just a matter of time..and when u asked for challenging stuff, u've got to have high level of patience (which is a really hard thing for me to swallow now). Too bad i've to admit.

I guess, i'm a little bit of a slow learner when it comes to life principal...but nevertheless, I've LEARN & REALIZE the bigger purpose...i hope all of you do too ;-)

p/s: i hope its not too late...hehe

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Module no..? Hembus hingusss....

That's my only "anak buah", by the name of zidane..i still remember my trip balik kampung last raya..dat was approximately almost 9-10 months ago, i was sneezing at the back of the car while he was sitting on his mother's lap in front...without fail he will look in amazement every time i sneeze..n he will try to make the sneezing sound..aduh..he can't figure where the sound came from...hehehe...he tak puas hati habis..and try to make the same sneezing sound like mine through his mouth..ya ampun...

And to my amazement, last two brother join me n my parents for dinner in Pizza Hut...and he has got lil' running nose..and guess what he's trying to blow his nose..and making sneezing soundss...ahahaha...selamat professional photographer ni sempat take a shot...!!!

p/s:untungnya jadi budak zmn blog ni, zaman kita2 dulu dapat tgk gambar pun kira untung la masuk blog lagi..wah wah!

Penyatuan Dua Hati...Azilawati & Zairin Shah

Ok, azila is my UM best buddy, we meet in 9th college..soon we became good friends...i lepak her room, she lepak my room...Tapi bak kata pepatah "ikan di laut, asam didarat..dalam periuk, bikin mufakat" that's my mukaddimmah...ahahaha

Kong pulak, hey..i've know this fellar for looooonngggg...panjang ceritanya nanti, so cut it short, kong ni pemalas sikit nak carik gpren, so aku pun arrange la so called "pertemuan yg tak disengajakan" dengan takes place in Starbucks Plaza Masalam...nak dijadikan cerita panjangnya...sampai ke jinjang pelamin la pulak (29th May 09), Alhamdullillah...Moga Allah memberkati jodoh dua orang kawan aku ni sampai ke hembusan nafas terakhir..Aminn..:)

The nikah took place on the night of 29th May, pengantin lelaki mantap...sekali henjut je (azilawati mohd kamil, zairin shah yang punya tau..ahahaah), bapak pengantin pompuan pulak yang nervous tersasul...ehehe, mintak maap pakcik...snapshot of the nikah nite...

The very next day...30th may, bersandinglah kedua mempelai...waa, naik tandu tau!!! jangan main gila..risau je aku nengok kong naik tandu tu..mesti makan 4 pinggan la orang yang angkat tandu kong tue..ehehe..korang takleh marah aku..aku kan middle woman..nyek nyek nyek..
hope this picture paints a thousand words and more importantly the happiness that both of them convey thru their ever genuine smile that speaks from their heart, cheerss....

and the canopy is from YC Modular tent or Yeob Canopy..hehe, sempat lagi buat marketing..Nabil Haji Ramli is Kong's best man..lapar best man kita lap2 peluh kong tue..
Actually as this wedding past..i still could remember clearly the day i introduce the both of them..How fast actually time flies?? It catches faster than...i can't figure it out myself either
I'm so glad and happy for both Azila & Kong...and for both families.

p/s: as i'm blogging this, they're somewhere in goldcoast, australia..."memadu asmara" muahahahaha...jelesnya dia g australia...nak jalan2 jugak :)