Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Digi and their crap...

The day before bro's digi line was barred, called to only find out that his digi bill is RM1700.00!!! ape kejadahnya..??? me on the other hand has been having exceeding my digi bill before cut off time every month for the past 2-3 months. If i've been hanging over the phone like monkeys for the past 2-3 months then i ought to pay la..the thing is they have screwed up their billing system!!

How could a big company like digi, that every so often came up with a GIGA-MEGA ADS over the TV...could afford such a screw up in their billing system? and customers will have to check whether i make the calls or not only after receiving the bills, which i've not received prior to barring my line. Worst of all the barring sms notification only received after they have barred my line for almost a day!!!

Digi better cut down the ads budget, to compensate on their big time screw up billing system!! Ads lebih2...diorang tak tau ke ade number portability sekarang ni..lagi mau bikin panas...tak pasal2 customer service kena sembur semalam.

p/s: malas aku nak bayar bil ni, tgk la esok lusa ke...hampeh, kena ajar skit digi ni dh naik lemakkkk..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally...last day of kerja kahwin!

After almost 10 days here...i'm so glad its finally coming to its end. Every day i'm here from morning till 8pm attending to customers..not mentioning two weekends robbed away for this expo. Alhamdulliah so far we have 3 confirm wedding orders after the food tasting.

Although i already felt its taking its toll on me this morning...ku gagahkan juga diri untuk final day ni..Hari ni penuh la pulak bebudak sekolah datang buat lawatan, maybe for kawin exposure kut..:)

Tapi memang la bising dibuatnya, takde keje tul cikgu2 ni bawak bebudak kat sini

p/s: I'm in kraftangan jalan conlay, KL

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Toyol under the Bed????

Yesterday i came back from my morning jog with my neighbor, i took my sweet time of having breakfast in front of the tv, doing sit-ups..having a cup of nescafe and toast bread with peanut butter. Suddenly, my dad came back from his office around 9am..i ran up to my room to get ready to head to the office..before doing so, i notice my handphone was not in its place..then i went downstairs to search in the hall (maybe i left in there) but i couldn't find it anywhere around the hall.

Then i decided to get my mum's phone from her room, in attempt to call my when it rings i could get my hands on it. When i called my phone it goes to the mailbox, after few times trying i sense something wrong. Because this morning when my neighbor call me for a jog, i noticed the phone battery was almost full, how could suddenly the phone looks like in the off mode?. After which i decided to went back-up to my room to search again..i topple down all my blankets, pillows, bolster, teddy bear.

Tapi can't find jugak, its so weird..since i remember clearly that i didn't bring my phone out to jog earlier this morning...then suddenly its struck my mind "jatuh bawah katil kot" soon as i look under the bed, my brain couldn't register what's underneath for almost 30 seconds only to realised that it was a man!!! someone i knew!!! i got the very first shock of my life, felt like my heart almost stop...when i realised i'm already screaming and running towards the back door of my house for escape.

I just don't have any idea, what is the man up to...he used to be one of the catering lorry driver working for my dad's company. Though my room then was quite gloomy, because i haven't open the night curtain..but i just don't know how i'm damn sure it was him, though it was just a glance looking at him. When i got out of the house from the back door, my body system suddenly trembling, and i cried in shiver. Lucky i still have my mum's phone with me, and as if my dad could sense i was in trouble the phone rang when i just escape from the back dad quickly rush home, i told him everything...he then called my brother to come back.

Then my bro called the "toyol under the bed" and he picked up the phone like as if he was at home the whole morning, trying to deny that he was the one breaking into my house this morning!! he also speak up with high notes saying that "jangan tuduh2 ye.." omigod!! this kind of creature should just be pu behind bars...till my bro could ask me "r u sure he's the one?"...i reply "without a glintch of seconds thoughts".

We got hold of his wedding card, this is the best part..the bloody man is going to be married the very next morning!! My mum called his fiancee to tell what has happened. But to my expectation she didn't believe it to the core. She then called my bro and cried over the phone saying that she's very sure that her fiancee is not that kinda man, he's a good man...this fiancee of him only knew him 6 months to believe such an ASSHOLE man. My brother suggested to her, if the man is not in the wrong...ask him to see my brother...since i've already got hold of a police report. She agreed and said her fiancee would come and meet my brother after friday prayer.

My bro ask me to come to our office to meet the ASSHOLE! after friday prayer. I came, my big bro and my second bro was already there..after 15 minutes he came, with his sad & fear face, my bro interrogate him with all sorts of questions till the asshole's face looks almost holding his tears. My bro ask for the money he stolen...he said " saya dah pergi ambik cincin pagi tadi bang untuk nikah esok". Bloody buggar..with a stolen money he bought the wedding ring! my bro said " aku bagi ko tempoh sebulan, bayar balik duit semua yang ko ambik, kalau tak aku bukak balik polis case...aku taknak tengok lagi muka kau dekat dengan premis company aku ni, kalau tak aku hantar orang hentak muka ko sampai pecah".

Then the asshole continue "mintak maafla long, saya ade masalah kewangan ni, nak kawin tak cukup duit"...kepala hotak dia, dia ni such a pemalas man, tanak kerja...duduk rumah membuta, pastu ade hati nak kawin, and bila tak cukup duit nak cakap ade masalah kewangan!!!...itu masalah kemalasan yang takde ubatnya dah..heee mamat ni memang si al!!

Lucky he din take my phone away, as he already plan to, sebab when i sream and run out he kelam kabut nak cabut lari, sampai tertinggal semua benda..cincin dia, and his slippers he slip it behind my house curtain pun tak sempat pakai!! Kalau dia dah ambik telefon aku tadi...aku tak kira la ko dah jual telefon aku buat beli cincin kawin pun, aku nak balik phone aku by hook or by crook...kalau tak tido balai la ko malam ni, takyah nak nikah2..keje pun takde, ade hati nak bela anak orang!!!

p/s: The asshole is having his wedding reception today!, jangan dia curi duit bini dia lepas ni
sudah laa..