Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An offer after another...side effects: insomnia

1. Last Friday, An entrepreneurship offer that i've been waiting for the past 3 months...came

2. Today, Tuesday..25th Nov 2008...two job offer came on my way, the first ones from a pharma
company which i've been going for interviews couple of weeks before.

3. The second ones, a job offer from a pharma company that i've just gone for the interview
yesterday. (cepat kan? eventually news spreads very fast)

The not soo interesting part of the enterpreneurship offer that i received was, it is not a business
that i propose to do in my submitted business plan. I was asked to do a new BP again altogether..but until today there's no product to work on with. Adakah ini ujian tuhan untuk aku? maybe god doesn't think my enterpreneurship will embark here? or memang aku ni
destined to be the best employee instead of an employer.

For the record, i'm feeling rather sluggish now at 2.01am...when my eyes is so desperately closing, while my brain keep on digesting the overloaded information resulting in insomnia.

I'l collect the offer letter from both the company that offers me a job as an employee tomorow
and will have to give the answer by thursday...they want me to start on Dec 1st...

Argghhhh...why is it so hard to get what you want very badly when u have sacrifice almost everything for it? ur time? ur bloody energy? ur depleting savings balance? ur wasted 3 months
doing absolutely nothing? to only have an imsonia at this hour?

Don't get me wrong, I'm very2 bersyukur in this time of economy situation..i can still have the options to choose between two job offer at a time...

Sometimes, i think what i want the most may not be what's best for me...I believe God have a bigger plan for me...Amin.


p/s: i feel dr's shd start prescribing blogging for the imsoniac..hehe

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frustations that pinch my patience limit!!!!

For the past few months i've been involved with an entrepreneurship program that's designed by one of the well known research insitute (RI's) and is funded by a government venture capital body...however although my patience limit has been tested till its ceiling policy will always names mention (fair enough right?)

To make it short, i've been selected to be among the top 10 candidates, that will have my own company..which will be fully funded with a handsome amount of grant money (or as i prefer to say its..malaysian taxpayers money). Having very less experience dealing in any way with government seriously took a lot of courage for me to deal with:

1. Their very2 slow place in conducting and executing anything.

2. No specific datelines in delivering any task at hand..(it could be postponed to any date as they

3. Taking no responsibilities in any action that they took.

4. Having the backwards mentality (generally) that anyone else below them do not have any
right to express even their opinion, for the very sake of his/her best interest. basically, after being selected to own my company, beforehand i've been through the process of delivering concept paper, right through various presentations..and also a complete set of validated business plan.

Only to discover..after being chosen, i'm being pushed to do something that has no connection prior to my business plan. They expect me to come up with new business plan of something that they want to do now..only after i've been selected, with a prior notice to me and everyone else that we all will proceed with exactly the same business plan that we have proposed. ( sukahati mak bapak dia la kan?..can't they make up their mind? shd i at this age teach someone whom shd be wiser at the supposed age they are at now?)

After giving it a thought...i feel, takpe la..i'll just come up with new business plan that they want me to do..dat is taking up the product that they want to commercialized..and make it work..

After a few hours of discussion, as if i have not had enough surprises that i've to start again from do what they want me to do..that not only will take up my precious time and energy, but will give my healthy mental stage a shock...that could burst at any point of time!!!!

A phone call from a person that is supposed to provide the product resulted in another surprise...that i couldn't handle with a right state of mind..."I'm sorry the product is not available anymore..i've contract it out to a marketing company"...
Have u ever felt when someone very dear to you, dissapoint you in a very absurd way? it feels like a punch sharply straight to my heart..and when it sank..i felt numb...thats exactly how i felt that bright friday afternoon...(In a professional organization..the appointing committee was not in communications with the other professionals..that has all the right to give his/her product to be commercialized? they call this a national project? they are even proud to say that none of us actually qualified to be in this program? they even say dat this program actually shd have end here if not because they believe in second chance? For God has already ended by all means.)

To make matters worst, when this matter are brought for their attention with a middle person that are the same or higher rung in the professional ladder...they have already had a decision in mind to just push me away to work under the rest of the top 10 so call entrepreneur...(which sounded exactly like "she shouldn't know about this..she has no say", okay...they should know this very fact:-

1. If i would want to be a worker..i wouldn't go through a program that's designed to carved
an enterpreneur..would i?

2. And as the owner of my future company, I will have all the say that i want to have

3. I will not let anyone else determine the direction of my company..even when it has not
yet registered!!! daa..

4. If they expect an entreprenuer wif a brain of a follower..and not in any way a leader..they're obviously in the wrong boat.

As long as we see others that might have the edge to make things work, only to feel inferior about it..then don't even dream of moulding an entrepreneur..since u've failed obviouly before you even utter a word. Since dat believe is already carved until its tatooed in their vey brain!!!

For God's have a fresh and open mentality..that is as little thing as what i'm asking for!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Salem Falls...

I'm starting to love this writer, Jodi Picoult. Salem Falls was her second book that i've read so far, the first one was, The Sister's Keepers. After reading her Sister's Keepers, i got hooked up by the way, she lays each and every complicated details (eg: medical terms that most of the reader out there haven't even lay their eyes on it, let alone hear it on daily basis). She rummaged thru the details and makes me realized that i might have learn something precious (that i myself wouldn't know in the field of being a medical representative, would i ever learn it or knows about it?)

She also succesfully plays with your emotions, making you hate a particular character in the books..but only to realise later that if i were the particular character that i've just hate, i wouldn't do any different than the character has...fascinating is the word to describe it.

Anyway, this is the writer that has managed to keep my eyes on a story book even after i've stop reading, only to be very honest, it feels like i'm part of the story, when i'm reading it!!..too good to be true kan? go check out for urself..and on behalf of Jodi Picoult, i would guarantee that you wouldn't have the slightest regret...*wink* (i'm not associated in any blood relationship with her okay?)

I just would like to share my readings of Salem Falls here, not all however..u'll have to dive in to feel the divine pleasure, come on take some me life without one is bloody boooriing!!
(Angkat tangan who's wif me?).

Okay, here we go..

The man you love
is accused of rape.

This is not the first time

What would you do?

and to make matters, a lil bit more are a rape victim before. On the night of the incident, you both fight over something...and you ask him to leave the house. All the proof that the police found on the incident scene is highly pointing to the man you love...ohhh and the cheesy part is "the man you love" just recently move to ur neighbourhood..making it impossible for you to dig his past. u guys are starting to think dat "the man you love" is lying..think again..because as hard as it is to tell the truth from lie, there's a very thin line that seperates them..

Jodi Picoult has transpired that one can never know the other person very well..mistakes a lot of people make is when they thought they knew it very well...even when a parents thought they know their son or daughther very well..since they grow up right under your nose...they will keep suprising you, astounding you, or even confounding you...Only then you'll realised that you possesed patience, ferocity and pride.

So, whether we realized it or not...we are a changed person, from whom we used to be..


p/s: if parents can't know their kids well, how can u know others (eg..ur partners, friends..etc) very well?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

CSI : Supreme Sunday, NY

Every sunday, i'll try not to miss CSI..though sometimes "terpaksa" sbb ade hal yang lebih penting..hehe, just wanna share a lil flaw and also an afterthought from the series i watched just usual those CSI followers knows there always 2 storylines in every CSI series..

The first ones (i just wanted to share the flaw here):

A mother with one son and a daughther, the son accidently killed her sister with his dead father effort to save her son from convicted, the mother reported that the daughter is missing. In actual fact the mother keep the body in a luggage bag..till the CSI finds out, when they open the luggage bag..inside its the daughter skeleton..however after been kept for so long in the bag( i miss the part where..the mother is a grandmother age, and the son is obviously a full grown-up man now) when the bag is opened, obviously the smell is gonna be horrible right?..guess what the CSI's face has shown no sign of frown the least...alo Jerry Bruckheimer..make it real laaa..aduss..

The second story lines (sharing an afterthought):

A husband and wife, husband is faking death to get insurance money worth 5 mil..plan it wif his wifey. To make their plan smoother, a doctor friend sign of his "fake death" certificate..the wives should have left an oxygen tank in the coffin for the husband after his fake death..however turns out to be wifey has an affair wif the guess wat? she din put it in. The "tetrodoxin" dose should wake up his husband in the coffin in no time..husband wakes up just to find out the wifey betrayed him..he jap the dr and the wifey wif "tetrodoxin"..with a dose that puts them to sleep forever...An afterthough? "one could never be prepared for "surprises" in life"


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Journey to the East Cost....

Initially, when my ex-colleague salmi from ranbaxy ask me to follow her on her outstation working trip to the east coast that includes kuantan, ganu and be frank i'm not that excited to join her..but an afterthought of why not? comes after i consider there's nothing much to do in key ell for the time i took her offer a night before we depart with her white SE myvi to kuantan on Monday...

Day 1

so..our journey begins at 7.45am, she picks me up at home..and we took karak highway straight to kuantan..our first destination, on our way to kuantan we stop at temerloh R&R to have breakfast at about 10am..mmm, nothing to bark about the breakfast though..then we reach temerloh, after dropping salmi to the hospital..i and her sister take a short tour in kuantan..lucky to have a gps in my new baby helps us a lot..searching for the hospital..then to the nearest mall that we could just kill some time there..nothing much that we could actually see in kuantan..boring la jugak..hahaha..(jangan marah ye orang kuantan)..afterwhich we head straight to salmi's house in paka, ganu..ganu kite la...actually its my very 1st time experience to sleep in a kampung house..however, i'm not accepting any other offer to sleep in a kampung house..ok la tu..tak hipokrit kan?..ehehe..

Day 2

Salmi's sis
decided not to follow us to kota bharu today, so only two of us head to kuala terengganu, lepak in batu buruk for nearly 3 hours or so..oh my, the wind slowly set my eyes for a short nap in the car..hehe, tengah jalan2 pun boleh take a nap lagi. At 5pm we drive up to kota bharu or key bee...this time using the gps again..oh b4 i forget to introduce you to my new gps assistant "he's call jack "..sambung, when we arrive in bachok, jack pulak pening kapla, dia cakap "not on a road", bertuah punya jack...nasib baikla ade balai polis kat situ, abang polis tu pulak baik hati la sangat siap tunjuk jalan ngan motor dia lagi.."tima kasih abang polis"..lupa lak nak tanya we arrive la kat Grand Riverview Hotel, key bee..dekat kul 8.30pm gak la..lenguh dan laparnyer tak terkata..jalan kampung weii..bersimpang siur. Oh, one thing that i've noticed since the first day in ganu as well as kelate, they really took their own sweet time when driving on the road ( offfense ye ganu and kelate people, observation jer..) malam tu salmi call mokcik and pokcik kitorang dinner sedap la malam tu, siakap besor beb, aku ngan salmi je yang settlekan...capable rupanya kitorang abiskan ikang sekor tak caya jer..ahaksss..

Day 3

First, i drop salmi in hospital key bee, looks a lot like hkl (hospital besau key ell) though...with the narrow roads, cars park on both side of the road, patients makk oiii..ramai gilaa..

Second...then i head to key bee mall..for a hair wash, gatal dah kulit kepala first i ask.."how much is wash and blow?"..dia cakap "RM25"..mmm and i was thinking "waa, rate wash and blow kat sini macam key ell la pulok, tapi since i'm desperate for a hair wash..and not much choice of hair saloon around, i give it a go la.."...dah abis basuh, amoi tu tanya.."u nak blow macam mana"..aku cakap" blow curl kat bawah, atas biasa"..dah abis aku pun nak bayar..pastu guess what the chinese guy said to me?.."miss just now, he said the RM25 is for blow straight, if blow curl have to add RM15"..tak agak2 mamat tu, aku tau la aku ni orang key ell bukan key bee, tapi macam la aku tak biasa gi saloon kat key ell for a hair wash..melampau mamat ni nak ketuk aku..then aku cakap kat dia " you should've told me dat earlier, in key ell also if i ask for a blow curl..they won't charge more than additional of RM5"..pastu ade pulak dia reply.."dat one is in key ell"..ape mamat ni ingat aku bebal ke? sejak bila plak benda kat key bee boleh jadi lagi mahal daripada key ell..ape kes?..pastu aku reply "it shouldn't be much more expensive than key ell" then dia give up..and said "Nevermind la..u just pay RM25"..hahaha..dia ingat aku ni anak jutawan ke nak ketuk macam tu skali..i take out RM25, hand it out to him and walk away..satisfied

after dat we head to HUSM..kubang kerian, dlm kereta..a
ku teringat kat khong wei, my ex-gsk teammate covering key bee..then aku cakap kat salmi.."Nak call ke tak ha khong wei ni, lagipun dah lama gila tak jumpa..and basically tak call langsung pun after i left gsk, dah almost a year jugak"..mi cakap call je la..but i had a feeling of taknak la kacau orang tengah working hours ni kan, lagipun ntah dia ingat lagi kat aku ntah i din call khong wei..sampei kat husm..i went to the cafe, just to wait for salmi for an hour..nearly reaching the cafe..i saw someone sitting on a high chair..and he looks very..very..very familiar...treng treng cepat teka siapa? "its si umur panjang, god wants me to meet him though i din ring him at all..khong wei"..we had a long2 chat, and he brings me to this kedai "nasi abang mie" famous in key bee he said..mmm sedap..

2nd pic from top: from left, david & khong wei
3rd pic from top: "rice and chicken" wrapped in
brown paper, so "plateless"
4th pic from top: "delicious till the last grain of rice"

Day 4

My last day in teregganu..we chow from salmi's place at about 1pm..down to kemaman, stop for hai peng's ice coffee and roti bakar bun..sedappnyee..panas2 camni kat ganu, sungguh sesuai sekali..then down to "delima's keropok lekor to tapau some fresh "kepok" from ganu"..aah..i find something interesting here as well besides "kepok" lekor..its called "jeli kelapa"..its exactly like in a cup of "air kelapa" that you usually buy from pasar malam..but its in a jeli form..very cooling and nice..tak jumpa lagi kat key ell..after dat we head down to kl thru pantai timur highway and karak highway...heavy rain though in karak..tapi alhamdullillah..we arrive back home in ampang back is still quite stiff, and some body aching here and interesting and pack journey..

Till then...muahhhhhsss..