Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What makes relationships last?

1. Some people might say, choose a man that's older than you (for woman la) since woman tend to be more matured than man.

2. Some might say, find one with the same or has the higher education level than you. Or else nanti the men will feel inferior cuz the partner is somehow smarter or earning bigger bucks.

3. The other might feel, "ape pulak i prefer the one with my age la, satu kepala, same interest and sepadan la sikit"

4. Si polan yang lain pulak, for men people advise "kalau boleh nak cari bini tu biarla yang sedap
mata memandang sikit, yang pakai tudung kalau boleh (sejuk sikit hati mak mentua nanti)"

5. Kalau ikut pandangan mak2 pulak, cari la laki yang berduit sikit..senang nanti takyah susah2..

But whatever's others opinion might be for the best person that should be ur life partner, u r the one who will make the decision, but i personally think that ur partner should accept the "you" in "you", not only the nicer smelling part of it..but also to the stinkiest smell u could carry. And ur partner shd complete you in certain manner that u can't complete urself (pikir la sendiri).

However, its sad to witness our own ego destroy a once flowery seems like when the other person makes a mistake, that's the end of it...some will sulk for weeks, months or maybe years.

As a human being, we really can't bypass making mistakes..if not we won't get to the learning process. So i keep reminding myself that i should forgive others mistake as long as they don't step on my head la..

So forgive and forget is the essence of lasting relationships...people make mistakes, make sure u apologize for ur mistake no matter how bad is the mistake, it will heal all the wounds that ur mistakes has caused. Tak kira la orang nak maafkan kita ke tak, as long as we have done our part..thus find a partner who could forgive and forget ur mistake.

Tapi jangan la pijak kepala pulak!


Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm back to work people...after 5 months!!

Tmrw, i'll have to get on my butt as early as all the way to my new workplace (mmm..welcome back to the real world pae). Up till 7pm just now i couldn't decide to choose which is the best company to work with (like i'm so best la kan?..memilih betul), however i've decided to go with my guts to all my new colleaque out there...

I'm coming on
so u better get ur party started
I'm coming on

I wish myself a very2 good luck, may god bless me with this very oppportunity...amin..tak sempat nak blog bout krabi..(went there last weekend)..krabi report is coming up next people..

Need to iron my shirt for tmrw..daaa..