Monday, November 16, 2009

demam kura-kura...

last week thursday, after i came back from meeting a friend over for tea. I started sensing dryness on my throat, but i thought "hmm..tak cukup air kut, minum air lebih sikit ok la ni". Afterwhich i happily went to for a jog that same evening, and felt great!

After maghrib prayer, i sat to browse through tv channel...then my body felt a lil' hotter than usual. Then i thought "nape la badan aku rasa panas ni?..takpe makan panadol 2 biji ok la kut"..then i took 2 panadol. Bila nak tido tu..makin panas, i ended up tossing and turning in my bed till morning, then i obviuosly do not have the energy to wake up..with my throat dryness worsening.

However, towards late feverish feeling seems like recovered fully. So i figure.."isk isk demam ni main2 plak, makan panadol lagi pastu mesti ok dah ni, takyah la g clinic"

Malam tu demam ni main cak2 plak ngan aku, hampeh tul..and its worst! so i decided to visit a doctor..end up getting an mc for 2 days :)

p/s:w'pun seronot dpt mc 2 hari, tapi my feet tak berapa nak happy sgt duk umah for 3 days!..uwaaa..alhamdullilah dah sihat skrg.