Monday, January 4, 2010

Tiny hollow feelings...

Started to felt this feeling recently, the harder i tried to ignore..the stronger "that" feelings struck me. I just wanted to have a normal life, learning to love others that loved me, loving them in the most possible way i times i felt "selfish" for trying to love others that has loved me so much yet i still could afford having "that" feeling in me! What's wrong with me?

Which one do i follow, my hearts or my brain?

If, i do follow my hearts..will this tiny hollow feelings vanished altogether? will i feel contented?

And, if i follow my brains..could i keep denying this tiny hollow feelings? would it robbed my sanity one fine day? or i'm just gonna be fine swallowing it to my stomach & let the gastric juice down it away?

Do others feel this way too? how do they overcome it?

come clean, tell the truth? a coward like i am now? (sacrificing these hollow feelings to my very gastric juice).

I hope time & my prayer will keep me insane should i follow my brains one fine day.