Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up to date..i find that my job portfolio is totally a CRAP, one thing i've learnt for sure through this job is,

During my next interview in any pharmaceutical company :-

1) Do check if the boss u'll be reporting to is newly promoted ( this is a big NO-NO)
2) Do ask if the position is an existing ones ( could be considered) or a newly created ones like mine (Don't waste ur bloody time - even if the pay is good, its gonna kill ur working mood slow n
3) Do ask if u have a confirm customer list to be called upon (This is very crucial - u wouldn't want to end up not having one, and worst to check whether its ur customer or not even if its ur area)
4) Do ask how many reps are covering one area? and how will the sales be tagged to u.

and up till now...i'm so far off the track, since the given number is BLOODY ridicoulous!!!
my motivation level to hit the numbers is no longer it a sales driven job..dammit.

Why do new bosses always wants to prove themselves in a very wrong way? Is it that by coming up with an initiatives that he " thought" would work..prior to not having any good research in hands about it..and only going through instincts?

I wonder how these bosses push n sell themselves around, but in actual fact they didn't even know the slightest bit of their own initiatives.

To all the new bosses out there, please put ur brain to work and the most important thing is DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!....