Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's Agenda...

I recently has a conflict with doing something truly important to me, deep down i find hesitation in doing it, after lots of reading & "googling". I find something interesting to do in overcoming this problem of mine. Which is:

Asking Yourself Questions...

even though this sounds lil bit kiddish to me but i believe it'll work..i started asking myself questions like below:

1. Why do i need to do this?
2. Why am i afraid / hesitate everytime i want to do this?
3. How do i make myself brave in doing this?
4. What are the consequences i shall face in the future if i
     didn't do this now?
5. What will the impact be towards me & towards all the  
     people i love (e.g: my parents, my siblings, my dear 
     friends, my boyfriend) all around me?
6. What can i do to make this a MUST and An Enjoyable thing
     that i look forward to do it from now onwards?

i have all the answers for all these questions towards the thing that i hesitated to do all this while, and tonight i'm going to link it with my deepest emotion and replay it in my mind and make it exactly the reality like i want it to be tomorrow!!...

can't wait for the outcome "BOOOMMMMM"

p/s: keep asking urself the right question, u ask and u shall receive..remember "RIGHT" questions ;)

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