Friday, July 1, 2011

kebangangan yang amat menyeksakan...grrrr

Last two weeks i went to Ambank sentul branch to submit c.card application for my client, so i came with all the necessary documents which is I.C copy and salary slip. As i approach the counter to submit this application on behalf of my client...and pass the form to the counter lady, she gave me such a confused look and said " i'm sorry the person that's applying for the credit card himself have to submit the form here"..and i was like "what?? no..i always pass it for all my clients before..and there's no issue about passing the forms" and she replied "did u always pass it to the agents previously?" and i said "yes". Then she said " Agents is different, here we only accept the person itself come to pass their application". (haishhh..minah ni budak baru ke ape? if baru buat pe la letak kt front desk tu?)

Then i asked again " Are you very sure about it? can u check about it? "...and then only she ask her superior and he said its not a problem at all. (ok, kebodohan number satu dh terserlah, sila ambil perhatian ye semua).
Then as she looked at the form konon2 terror..nak cover kebodohan dia tadi, she took the form with the I.C copy only and passed me back the salary slip, and said " we don't need the salary slip", and i asked back "since when? all this while i've been attaching it with the payslip and its compulsory". Dengan gaya poyo and terror dia balas "not anymore". I said " well, if that's the case..just please submit the form for me then, thanks"
and i walked off.

1 week later, the c.card application was declined!..i was like..whhhhhhaattttt??? dengan kepanasan dan masih perlu melakonkan watak cool dengan my client. His reaction was..whhhhaaattt??....and i asked him if he wouldn't mind me submitting another application. Lukcy he said.."yea, it wouldn't be a problem".

Second time submitting, lesson learnt from a week earlier..i went straight to Ambank credit card centre at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Enough said dealing with stupid people whom have the guts to put up a pretty face, brainless!. I went straight in..and pass the document, note that since the "smart lady" from Ambank previuosly said that i don't need to pass the payslip, this time around i brought only the I.C copy and existing c.card copy of my client.

Then the lady check all the forms and attached documents, and said " oh, sekarang ni kita dah taknak the existing c.card copy, ade bawak payslip dia?"..(whhaaattt?..aiyooo) then i said "actually aritu saya dh submit application c.card for client saya ni kak, dekat ambank sentul..but then dia ckp skrg dah tak pakai payslip for c.card application, mana satu ni kak?". She replied "eh mana ade, skrg ni new BNM regulation mmg kena pakai payslip dah tak boleh pakai existing c.card copy".

Ok, then i told her.."ok la kak, kalau cmtu saya pegi amik la payslip dia dlm kereta (thinking that i have it in the car..and its already 4.05pm, bank tutup kul 4.30pm) i rush back to my car that i park kinda further all over the place in my working bag..takde!..then i call our office clerk to check whether i left  on my office desk..she said "yes kak, ade kat sini"...huwaaaaaaa..saya sudaa p opiss tadi amik document..fighting with the jam back and forth to come here, and now i have to go back again to the office to pick up the salary slip!.

Then i drove back to the office, laju mana la aku leh bawak pun..kalau dah jam kat k.l especially in the heart of kl, jalan tun razak!!..reach the office, call our clerk to help pass it to me downstairs..ruuusshhhh back to ambank..parking tepi jalan, lucky my housemate followed me..waited in the car for me. dah tutup! and i waived to abang guard and showed the payslip..(macam la dia paham pun kan) the he said to me through the hole of the glass door "bank dah tutup la dik", then i said "saya nak pass payslip ni je bang..kat akak tu..(pointing towards her, lucky she's still there)". Abang guard pun terus pegi panggil akak tu and pointing towards me at the door..and i waived to her (mcm aku dh tetinggal plane je)". Pastu abang guard bagi masuk....huissssshhhh...lega dapat gak aku pass kat kakak tu payslip client. Harap2 approved la application dia.

Suma ni terjadi disebabkan kebangangan minah front desk kat ambank sentul tu la!..kalau tak tau..boleh tak tanya and jangan nak belagak pandai..pastu tengok org sebelah mata. Sebab ko punya tunjuk pandai you cost me double trouble!! offf my time! resourcess and energy!..oleh itu, sape2 nak apply c.card or anything to do with banking sila la pegi HQ..sbb front desk branch mmg sangat sengal!!..

Phewww,...rasa macam aku tgh belari2 bwk keta p ambank skrg ni sambil menaip dengan lajunyaa...

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DUMB BLONDE minah tuh...kalau aku sound bertepek² die kene...