Friday, February 3, 2012

Flu, Cough...huwaaaaa

Its been 2 days since i had the flu attack..its so bad until i cant feel my nose already, been holding on daily dose of Redoxon Vitamin C which helps in converting the running nose to blocked nose. However, i keep sneezing and to top it of the cough that comes with it is just like cake with cream..can't be separated i guess.

This has makes me feel drowsy and my eyes feel sleepy, not as in sleepy to bed kinda thing..but its somehow been affected my the flu! i'm thinking flu on its own could actually cause drowsiness or lack of cognitive focus i guess (poyoo gila ayat aku..ape cognitive tu? hahhahaha).

Another after effect of the sneezing is, i've grown super lazy to wash my hair! (ade kena mengena ke? ye saya rasa ade kena mengena). So i went to hair saloon near my place yesterday evening around 7pm..tengok2 tutup! what the heck...bila time aku malas and nak cuci rambut time tu laa dia nak tutup, kalau tak menari2 bukak 24 jam! hampeh..and balik la saya dengan kemalasan yang makin menebal untuk cuci rambut.

I wanna wash my hair at the saloon gak! i dont i'm going soon..well, this is the upside of flu and i have all the reason to go for a hair wash at the saloon, without feeling guilty about it since i could always wash my hair at home during non flu season..wakakakaka.

Maybe i could have a hair cut too...mmmmm

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